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Step towards employment                                                                          

Friendly, practical support to help you step confidently into employment.

Our Job Club is a friendly place where you will get practical help as you seek employment. It's a relaxed environment with the chance to meet other jobseekers, get support and gain the tools you need to find work.

Being unemployed can be hard to deal with on your own, but being part of our Job Clubs means you face the challenge with other people in similar situations. One in every seven people attending a club has found work.

How Job Club can help


We know how hard it can be to stay motivated when you are searching for work, especially when you’re on your own. That’s why we’ve designed Job Clubs to be a relaxed place where you’ll meet other people in similar situations, who understand what you are going through, and will support and encourage you along the way.


We will also help to equip you with the practical tools you need to find work. Our eight-session course will walk you through each step of the job hunting process; from identifying your strengths and skills, right through to writing a great CV and learning how to succeed in an interview.


You will have the opportunity to have one-to-one informal support from a dedicated Job Club Coach. They will spend time helping you to set goals, and to identify and tackle any areas you are struggling with.


Our Job Club can also provide you with valuable opportunities to connect with local employers to provide advice, and also offer work experience. Past members have said they found it useful hearing first hand from employers what they are looking for in a candidate, and some have even gone on to find work through these new contacts.


Every week, we are celebrating with people around the UK who are finding employment through our  Job Clubs – you could be one of them. Whatever stage you are along the process, why not see how we can help you maximise your potential and step into employment?