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  • To create an inclusive youth participation platform that enables young people to review their progress and  achievement of their Development Goals
  • To share ideas, experiences and innovative approaches for effectively contributing to their development agenda and its implementation
  • To facilitate a process that increases awareness on and implementation of their goals
  • To facilitate effective partnerships with youth, youth-led organisations and youth movements to further strengthen inclusive youth participation in the decision-making processes and implementation of policies
  • To contribute to the establishment of a permanent youth engagement mechanism that ensures consistent follow- up with young people and further boosts their participation and partnership in the implementation of the youth development agenda at national, regional and global levels


  • Realizing Equal Access to Quality Education
  • Full Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Poverty Eradication and Food Security
  • Promoting Healthy Lives and Access to Health
  • Environmental Protection, Emergency Preparedness and Youth Centered Projects
  • Realizing peace, Reconciliation and Ending Violence
  • Ensuring Inclusive Recreation, Sports and Cultures
  • Achieving Good Governance & Accountability
  • Inclusive Youth Participation at All Levels
  • Youth Rights
  • Ending Systemic Inequalities
  • Gender Equality
  • Empowering Marginalized Youth Including Most at Risk Young People